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The silly season is upon us and through the madness of vacations, Christmas lunches and New Years Eve it’s important to ensure that your trusty stairlift is properly looked after. Below is our top 5 tips to make sure your stairlift survives and is ready to use when you need it.

1) Keep the power to your Stairlift turned on:

It can be common place before going away for a week or two to go around the house and switch off all your appliances at the point, while this can be good practice in many cases, it can be detrimental for a Stairlift. The batteries are designed to maintain power by a “trickle charge” system which ensures the Stairlift is always ready to go, if this charge is cut off the batteries will over time go flat, and if the go flat all together they cannot be revived and you will need a new set, so before you head off on Holidays ensure that your Stairlift is switched on at the point.

2) Keep the Children Safe:

All our Stairlifts come with a key lock feature which will keep the batteries charging, but render the controls inoperable. If you have young children visiting and don’t want them playing with the Stairlift simply turn the key and store it somewhere safe.

3) Visitors using your Stairlift:

While we install our Stairlifts with a view that they have one or two primary users, it can sometimes be unavoidable that a visitor will also need to use your Stairlift. Make sure your guests are clear on the safe operation of your Stairlift, and insist they wear the seatbelt while using the Stairlift.

4) Pack away your Outdoor Stairlift:

You wouldn’t leave your home open to strangers while away on holidays, so why would you let them use your Stairlift. Simply folding up the seat, armrests and footrest, putting on the weather cover, and using the key lock will help deter any would be “joy riders” from accessing your property.

5) Keep the remotes somewhere handy:

Increased traffic could mean that the stairlift is left at the opposite end of the stairs when you need it. All our lifts come with two remotes so that you can summon it at your beckon call. Making sure the remotes are left somewhere safe, close to the top and bottom of the stairs means you’ll avoid having to walk the stairs or spend time trying to find where you left them.

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