Acorn Stairlifts Australia FAQ

We wish to help you as much as we possibly can, if you have a question which isn't answered here, please contact us or call one of Acorn's friendly and experienced advisors on FREEPHONE: 1800 300 812

After the stairlifts installed will I need to redecorate?

Our stairlifts are fitted to the stairs treads not the wall making a lot less disruption to your home. There are no structural changes needed as a result. All our installers are highly trained to test and give a full demonstration as well as cleaning up and leaving your home as tidy as they found it.

If I have a disability will an Acorn Stairlift be ok for me?

All our stairlifts are designed with the user in mind. We aim to ease the difficulties with many disabilities. We have many options available call us and we can discuss them with you.

I find it difficult to bend my knees will I be able to use an Acorn Stair lift?

Our highly trained surveyors will listen and discuss with the options available according to your needs. We have a range of models such as the Sit/Stand that can be installed where the stairs are narrow or where you may have trouble bending.

How much weight can an Acorn stairlift carry

Our standard Superglide 130 straight stairlift is 127kg.

Our Superglide 180 curved stairlift is rated at 120kg.

Will the stairlift stop working if there is a power cut?

All our stairlifts run on safe DC power. The specially designed motors are powered by power packs, rather than directly from the mains. This means that the stairlift will continue to work through a power cut. It also means the stairlift draws its power on-demand making it cost less to run.