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How much does a stairlift cost?

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Stairlift Costs and How Much To Run

How much are they?

Costs vary for a new lift depending on the staircase.

Things to consider:

  • Current shape, length and height of stairs
  • Landings and doorways
  • Electrical points

These points will affect the price of any installation. These points need to be covered when speaking to a stairlift surveyor.

What options are available?

  • Hinged rails; are available where the chairlift’s rail will obstruct a doorway, usually at the foot of the stairs.
  • Perched or narrower seats; for narrow stairs where space is limited. These types of seats allow the user to ‘perch’ on the lift or even stand. This may be useful for anyone who has trouble bending.
  • Outdoor; weather proofed for use around the home or in a commercial environment.
  • Folding footplate; stored neatly out of the way when the chair is parked. These can be operated manually or by a switch.
  • Sliding track; Available on some straight stairlifts, this does the same job as the hinged rail by extending as the lift travels.
  • Remote controls; twin remotes - one for downstairs and one for upstairs, a must to call the lift.

How much do they cost to run?

The cost of utilities always seems to be on the rise. Considering the running costs of a stairlift is a major factor. On average, a stairlift is used four times per day.

Different factors to consider are the size and power of the motor and how far it has to travel. Is the stairlift constantly plugged in or does it draw power as it needs it?

Some models of stairlift draw power from a point on the rail which trickle charges the lift and keeps the on-board battery topped up.

Depending on the above, the average cost is as much as running a low energy light bulb per day. You are not going to see a massive increase in your electric bill if you have a stairlift installed.

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