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Stairlift installation makes the world of difference

12:00am & Retirement
A resident at leeds based care home tindall house

Having a stairlift has helped our residents regain their independence as they no longer have to battle the stairs."

The lives of residents at a supported home in Leeds have been transformed following the gift of a stairlift.

Forty-four year old Chris Thompson has been living at Tindall House, a male supported home funded by the Caring for Life Christian charity based at Crag House Farm in Leeds for 25 years. Suffering from severe anxiety as a result of mental health issues Chris was particularly apprehensive on the stairs even with a bannister and needed assistance from the carers to help him feel safer.

With the support of the stairlift Chris is now happy and comfortable using the stairs which has given him more confidence and reduced his anxiety. Another resident also suffers with painful knees so the stairlift has been an extremely welcome addition for him said Jonathan Parkinson Pastoral Director of Caring for Life.

Knowing we can leave the residents to use the stairlift themselves also reassures us that we can give them the freedom to move about in their home.

Tindall House was selected to receive a donated stairlift by the estate executor of an Acorn Stairlifts customer, who recently passed away. The supported home is one of two houses run by Caring for Life which aims to provide a stable residence for homeless or vulnerable people. Residents at Tindall House have varying challenges, from learning disabilities to those who were orphaned at a young age, but all experience difficulties with independent living.

Liz Brownnutt PR Officer at Caring for Life said: "The staff and residents at Tindall House are extremely grateful for the generosity and support received from Acorn Stairlifts and its customers. The gentlemen we house have different requirements and backgrounds but all need to live in a staffed house where consistent and compassionate support can be provided."

"Some need physical assistance to climb the stairs and this can be a strain on the two full-time carers. The stairlift has made the world of difference to both the residents and the carers, due to the increased confidence and freedom in getting up the stairs."

Acorn Stairlifts installed the donated stairlift for free at Tindall House where the residents aged from 28 to 54 suffer with varying conditions such as Aspergers Syndrome and anxiety leaving some of them lacking the stability and confidence to climb the stairs alone.

"Acorn fitted the stairlift quickly and smoothly which meant the residents and carers were able to go about their routines as usual. We are so impressed with the team and their support means a great deal to us" added Liz

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