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Avoiding Getting Hurt at Home

12:00am & Tips and Advice

We've spent much time in our homes over the last year. Although remaining at home has been critical in avoiding the spread of COVID-19, it has also raised the likelihood of millions of household-related accidents. Staying healthy at home is more important than ever. You can avoid accidents for years to come by taking a few simple precautions, such as keeping your body protected and developing safety measures. 

Focus on Your Health  

Being diligent about your daily decisions will have a significant effect on avoiding injuries at home and taking care of your body, particularly as you age muscle, bone mass, and joint mobility deterioration, which may contribute to injuries. Although these transitions are a natural part of aging, you can take steps to avoid or delay them. Stretching can help you keep your joints flexible. Walking and weight lifting are also weight-bearing workouts that can help you keep your bones strong. Try water-related activities for non-weight-bearing activities to potentially increase muscle mass and bone density. 


Keep in touch with the doctor. They understand how to assist you with your medical issues better and make decisions to keep you safe. Appointments can also evaluate whether you're having enough sleep and meals to stay healthy. Get your hearing and vision checked once a year to avoid injuries triggered by a lack of sensitivity. You should fill prescriptions on schedule. Take your medicine as prescribed by your physicians to prevent any mental or health changes that may result in an accident. 

Home Adjustments  

Create a risk appraisal guide and have a friend or family member run over it with you and make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Test hard-to-reach areas such as smoke and CO2 alarms to ensure they are operational. Consider the dangers of slipping and falling. To avoid slipping, place mats underneath floor runners and attach grab bars in bathrooms. 

Stairlifts, for example, are helpful add-ons that help reduce the chance of fall injuries. Add-ons such as pullout drawers and stairlifts can further reduce the possibility of back and fall injuries. With your very own stairlift, you can avoid daily trip hazards on stairs both inside and outside your house. Installation is usually fast and straightforward. Stairlifts can be very useful for moving from floor to floor and have specific protection measures, such as seatbelts, to avoid injuries on stairs. 

Propose a Plan  

We cannot avoid all potential hazards at home. Accidents can happen even to the most careful people. Be proactive and make a plan ahead of time. Speak with a trusted family member or friend about an arrangement to follow in the event of an accident. Maintain open communications with them so they continue to check up on you frequently. Have a list of emergency phone numbers to have with you or post in a visible location. If you own a mobile phone, keep it with you at all times, particularly when traveling between floors in your house. Smartwatches with additional functionality such as temperature, activity monitoring, and messaging will also benefit from fall detection. Assistive devices for falls are an excellent way of staying safe at home. 

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