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What Should I Expect from My Stairlift Installation?

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Stairlift installation not only gives you more access to your entire house but also restores some much-needed freedom. After your home has been surveyed to ensure the proper match for your stairlift, you'll want to get ready for your installation. Here's what you might expect. 

Our team members will evaluate your staircase, either electronically or in person, and then begin working on the stairlift that will fit best in your house. When the surveying is completed, you will plan a setup time and day that suits well for you, potentially the next day.  

Preparing for Installation  

Getting your home ready is as simple as clearing the staircase of everything that may be in the way, such as furniture, cabinetry, or items close to the actual stairs. Since the stairlift rail is attached to the stairs rather than the wall, you do not need to stress about wall décor or railing attachments. When the installation date arrives and the staircase is free of obstructions, one of our excellent engineers will get to work! 

No need to worry about a mess being made in your home; our talented technicians are well-versed in best practices to ensure that they leave your home as tidy, orderly, and secure as possible. 

On Average, How Much Time Does It Take?  

Depending on your stairway's height, design, and uniqueness, installation time will range from 1 to 5 hours. Straight stairlifts usually are easier to install than curved models, so the time may differ from each case. Although the process is reasonably fast, no protection is compromised. The stairlifts are evaluated while at the manufacturer. They are subjected to further testing after they have been assembled in your home to ensure that they are running following our stringent safety requirements. 

When the installation nears completion and the stairlift is operational, the engineer can inspect all aspects of the lift's operation. They will then show you how to use the stairlift and how it works and how to avoid injuries. The technician will remain available as a resource until you are fully confident in your ability to use the lift. 

After Your Stairlift is Installed  

Before your technician departs, they will probably let you know about aftercare assistance. We suggest annual servicing to ensure that the lift continues to function correctly for several years to come. Your technician will advise you about what would work best for you. If you have any questions or concerns about your stairlift, we have a 24/7 support desk available to take your call at any time. 

Choosing to add a stairlift to your home is a life-changing choice. Acorn Stairlifts will bring you a whole new level of freedom with our easy installation process, excellent engineers, and readily available support desk. 

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