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High-Quality Stairlifts from the Start

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Acorn Stairlifts strives for the best possible service from the beginning. From the inception to the creation of our stairlifts, it is no different. Every step of the way, while producing our global leading stairlifts, we make sure they are all created with the utmost quality and precision. We believe in the integrity of our product so much so that our very own manufacturers produce our lifts.  

Our stairlifts are top-of-the-line home assistive devices that can positively change how you move in your home. Maintaining such a close partnership with our manufacture allows us to keep a close eye on each component as it is developed and implemented into our stairlifts.   

Rack and Pinion System   

Our stairlifts are equipped with a rack and pinion system, which allows the lift to glide smoothly and safely on your stairs. This specially built system is without squeaky mechanisms or tangled cords. Our stairlifts will start and stop with precision and safety, thanks to the incredible design.   

Innovative Details  An Acorn Stairlifts team member gives good service by thoroughly checking everything over

Modern technology has allowed us to create the ultimate stairlift for users of all sorts. Whether your home works better with a straight stairlift or a curved stairlift, you will be happy to know that your lift is packed with modern technology there to get you safely up the stairs reliably. Our lifts feature a diagnostic system to let you know of any minor errors that you can quickly resolve. Additionally, after spending years perfecting our technology, we have created a stairlift that anyone can easily use. We have even received the Arthritis Foundation's Ease of Use certification for our features.   

High-Quality Product   

A lot goes back into our products to create outstanding production and service.  This investment ensures every stairlift meets our stringent standards so we can provide long-term dependability for you. Every stairlift we produce is inspected independently, so when it arrives at your home to be installed, we know it will work well every time. Rest easy knowing your stairlift is reliable down to the precise engineering to the features included.   

Keeping close relationships with our suppliers and manufactures has enabled our stairlifts to stick out from the rest. You also can benefit; with a 12-month manufacture warranty, the warranty can cover your service calls, parts, and labor if you ever need it. After your first year is up, you'll be able to purchase additional coverage to make sure your lift is running smoothly every time. If you'd like to see a significant impact on your mobility, choose Acorn Stairlift for all your stairlift needs. If you want more information about our quality and reliable service, visit our Contact Us page and fill out our contact form.   

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