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The Right Time to Become a Stairlift Owner

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There can be many factors that go into a decision to purchase a stairlift for either yourself or a loved one. One big question might linger in your head about all of this, when will you know for sure it's the right time to purchase a stairlift? There isn't a straightforward answer to that question because your unique needs go beyond just a clear solution. Different factors can go into the critical decision to get a stairlift installed in the home; below, you will find some of the essential determinants.  

1.) Thinking About Moving: If it is increasingly getting more difficult to utilize the entire space of your home, whether it be multi-level or includes stairs. When your stairs are a challenge that makes you feel like you must move, a stairlift can be a great alternative to moving costs. Adding a stairlift is an intelligent substitute to improve your life in your current residence and a way to stay in the home you love.   

2.) Revive Independence: When your level of independence has dramatically changed, and you seek more throughout your home, it could be an excellent time to obtain a stairlift. Whether you are secluded to one floor of your home or have a loved one assist you on the stairs, a stairlift is an essential part of changing that and restoring your freedom in your own home. It might be the right time to purchase if you would like a new sense of relief as you do things on your own once more.   

Find out, just like this couple did, about when it is the right time for you to install a stairlift.

3.) Fearful of Injury: Depending on your comfort levels, stairs might be a difficult task in your day today. You may even avoid the stairs altogether if you worry about the injury while climbing or going down the stairs. The fear can be too much to bear sometimes. You could have a strong chance of alleviating some of that fear with the installation of a stairlift. Feel safer and less worried about the injury while using the stairs with the help of a stairlift.   

4.) Stairs are Painful to Use: Purchasing a stairlift can be necessary if stairs are painful when you use them. From aches and pains to mobility loss, stairs can be difficult as your movability changes. You can rest easy knowing using the stairs doesn't have to hurt. With easy-to-use controls and simple movements to control the lift, you won't have to worry about how you will travel the stairs. Even if you live with arthritis, Acorn Stairlifts were made to help you travel the stairs efficiently and painlessly.   

At Acorn Stairlifts, we understand everyone is unique in their way. In the same way, we know that getting the right help you need is so important. If you believe it is the right time to add safety and security to your home, you should consider the addition of a stairlift. If you would like more information about our stairlifts, check out the rest of our site. We are also available to assist you with any questions you may have; visit our CONTACT US page to get in touch.   

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