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Support for your ageing family and friends

12:00am & Tips and Advice

Taking on a caring role, whether it's full-time or here and there, can be challenging but so worthwhile when you can help out those you love. After all the world has been through in the last year, it has become increasingly important to reach out and care for those nearest and dearest to us. As a loved one starts to age, they may need assistance, and even with the smallest of tweaks can make a difference in how they live. So take a look at some helpful tips when it comes to being a carer with someone you love.   

Take a Look at Needs: Life has dramatically changed since the beginning of last year. It has altered how we think about how we spend our time, who we spend it with and what we do to keep those relationships. Checking in with our loved ones has become a priority and can help determine what they need/ how to help them best. Accompany them on trips, observe their strengths and weaknesses, and ask them how they feel; doing all of these things can help you better understand their unique needs. Taking a deeper look can help assess the needs physically, emotionally, and mentally, leading to meaningful discussions.   

Talk It Out: When you create open dialogues about essential decisions like long-term care, safety, and general wellbeing, it can become more accessible to talk about in the long run. Tough topics are sometimes hard to approach because of fear of what they might mean or how they can make others feel, but unfortunately, discussions like this do have to make progress and effective changes. Take talks like this slowly, but work it into everyday conversations so when more significant issues come up, you will have already opened the floor about these challenging talks.   

Provide a good support system for those you love

Help Out Where You Can: After making assessments and discussing what everyone is comfortable with, it can be beneficial to help fill in gaps your ageing loved one might be missing. Eldercare doesn't have to be everyday assistance; it can mean doing little things that can mean a safer and more meaningful life for a loved one. From driving them to appointments to selecting healthy foods, the small things you can do can make all the difference in their lives. Observe what they may need a little more help on and make changes accordingly. As long as your loved one is comfortable with it, help out where you see fit.   

Explore Options: If strictly your help is not cutting it anymore, it may be time to explore more options about the future of your loved one. If you think more about home caring or becoming a carer for your loved one, some of the most significant determining factors could boil down to their movement ability. There are numerous options for home care to make it easier for the one you care about to move freely throughout the home. Even if you still help out, it is still essential for your loved one to maintain a sense of independence with the help of home modifications, it is possible. There are things like grab bars and anti-slip mats underneath rugs to help increase the understanding of independence and bring you peace of mind. The ultimate installation that can change how your loved one moves through the home is a stairlift. A stairlift can allow an individual to travel the stairs safely, reliably, and on their own. When you purchase an Acorn Stairlift, you can bring more peace of mind to you and an excellent option for your loved one.   

Whether you are helping out little by little or are becoming a carer taking into account, these steps can help make the process for all parties easier. It can be challenging to see the impacts of ageing on those you care about, but helping out can make a genuine difference. If you would like more information on adding a stairlift into the life of a loved one, visit our CONTACT US page. Please fill out the contact form, email us, or give us a call to find out the right stairlift for your circumstance.   

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