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Care and aftercare for your Acorn Stairlift

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Acquiring a stairlift could be one of the most remarkable substantial changes you can gain in life while it can increase your freedom to move comfortably within your home. A stairlift can be an added commitment to your health that you can protect. When it comes to the longevity and efficiency of your stairlift, annual service and proactive management may be incredibly beneficial. Acorn Stairlifts offers several aftercare options to help keep you safe when using the steps.  

Maintaining the Stairlift   

You may do tasks to keep your lift functioning well between those yearly inspections. First and foremost, ensure that your stairlift is being utilised properly and only by the designated user. To reduce the chance of harm or errors on your stairlift, evaluate how your lift is actively being used regularly, and avoid allowing others, children, to be using the lift if they do not truly need it.  

Routine stairlift cleaning can also help to maintain your stairlift in proper working order. If you or a loved one does the cleaning, take extra care to focus on the stairlift elements from the carriage to the rail. Take extra effort to maintain your stairlift as it will assist in preventing damage and developing concerns brought by debris.  

An Acorn Technician provides routine work on a stairlift With a diagnosis indicator, you can stay on top of how your stairlift operates, whether good or bad. In the uncommon case of trouble involving your stairlift, a popup error message can help you evaluate the scenario. You may be able to determine a resolution yourself based on the severity of the fault; however, if you do need help, no worries, you may contact Acorn at any moment of the day. We can deploy an experienced technician to tackle the concerns and comfort you as you use your stairlift. Maintaining a proper record of your stairlift's functioning is an excellent way of keeping ahead of significant issues and locate timely responses.   

Aftercare Services  

Using aftercare, you could remain safe in the knowledge that, in the unexpected outcome that if something unexpected happens, there is still service prepared to support you where and when you need it. We have experienced technicians stationed throughout Australia to assist you with any stairlift-related challenges. They are determined to give you top-of-the-line service and are available to continue providing you with an additional sense of security when you use your Acorn Stairlift.  

Annual Maintenance  

Preparation for regular inspections annually is an essential part of maintaining your stairlift in proper working order. When you acquire an Acorn Stairlift, it comes with a complete 12-month warranty. Beyond the first year, other extended warranties are available to receive priority service 365 days a year along with an annual inspection. A yearly evaluation is highly recommended so the specialists can complete any maintenance checks and tune-ups as they deem appropriate. Whether you use the straight, curved, or outdoor stairlift, getting your stairlift reviewed at least every year is the key to having it continue to operate well long after you've made the purchase. 

Preserving your stairlift is not easy and could be highly useful to its durability. You can be a part of various elements to guarantee a safe trip every time, whether it's managing the care of your stairlift regularly or scheduling an annual checkup. You can locate additional info about how to preserve your stairlift's operating capacity in our Servicing & Aftercare section. Check out our contact us page if you have any inquiries, concerns, or want to connect with an Acorn Stairlifts representative. 

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