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What do you get when you purchase a stairlift?

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It can be a life-altering decision to purchase a stairlift for you or a loved one. A stairlift can be highly beneficial to stair mobility for those struggling with individuals' ability to move freely on the staircase. When you buy a stairlift, you are getting so much more than a home mobility assistive device. Discover all that comes with your Acorn Stairlift purchase.   

Top of the line service   

You get so much more than a stairlift when you purchase Acorn. The service that accompanies your purchase goes beyond just installation day. Trained technicians will make sure to provide you with excellent service when you have your stairlift installed as well as during aftercare when your stairlift needs annual inspections and maintenance. From the moment your stairlift is built to the aftercare you receive to ensure your lift is working correctly, everything counts in determining the difference between a product and a product with excellent service. Our highly qualified technicians and support staff are there when you need them to deliver the most satisfactory customer service possible, ensuring that your experience is exceptional.  

Features that ensure safety  

Before leaving the factory, an Acorn Stairlift is extensively tested to guarantee it is as safe as possible. In addition to extensive testing, our stairlifts are equipped with several safety measures. Your stair trip will be more comfortable and safer with the use of safety belts and a footrest. A diagnostic display may help you check that your stairlift is in good working order and, if there is an unexpected fault, you can quickly identify and resolve the problem. You may find more safety features in our Stairlifts section, where you can check what more comes with your stairlift when you buy it.  

12-Month warranty   

Acorn Stairlifts offers a 12-month manufacturer's guarantee with every stairlift purchase. This warranty can help you rest easy, knowing your lift will have care for 365 days a year. There are a variety of extended warranty alternatives to choose from once the first warranty has expired. Annual maintenance, preventative care, and priority stairlift attention are all possible possibilities. When you purchase an Acorn Stairlift, you will have access to all of these beautiful features, as well as a variety of extended warranties to suit your needs.  

Independence and freedom of movement  

Stairlifts can improve your ability to use the stairs safely. Using the stairs may enhance your independence and provide you with a new degree of home freedom. You may move more freely and offer more comfort to your house when you move securely through it. When you buy a stairlift, you're not only getting a piece of technology; you're also getting a new perspective on life.  

Feeling of safety  

With independence comes a feeling of safety. This peace of mind may come from you, but it might also come from the happiness of your loved ones. They can rest sure that you'll be safe on the stairwell and that you won't be able to use it without them.  

When you buy a stairlift, you're getting a lot more than a stairway extension. You're giving your house a whole new level of coziness. Read our previous articles to find out more about what an Acorn Stairlift can do for your home. Fill out the form on our contact page, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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