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Why Should You Invest in Your Stairlift?

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Why Should You Invest in Your Stairlift?

At this point, you have already done all the hard work. You compared all of the costs of stairlifts, different stair lift models, and stairlift services on the market, and you made the smart decision to get your stairlift straight from the global leader in the industry. You made the life-changing decision to go with Acorn Stairlifts. You are now a proud Acorn stairlift owner and are loving the new independence that you have gained. You can go up and down the stairs at will. From the foldable footrest, to the way it glides smoothly down your staircase, you love that you are able to access all your favourite spots in your home again. You’re independent, stress-free, and happier than ever.

Stair lifts at Acorn are the highest quality product on the market with unmatched stairlift service, manufactured in-house by experts and serviced by our installers and technicians. Now, how can you ensure that your stairlift servicing remains stress-free? Let us remind you about Acorn’s coverage options and how our plans will prolong your lift’s life.

Why Should I Get Coverage for my Stairlift?

Here at Acorn, we are serious about your safety. Our stair lifts go through extensive testing and evaluations to ensure that they are top-notch quality. We do this so we can make sure our customers are safe and happy with their new service aid. When you buy an Acorn stairlift, you are getting the most competitive stairlift price, the best quality and service. That being said, it’s no surprise that no matter how superior or stable a product is, there is inevitably going to be some wear and tear that comes with everyday use.

This is why Acorn Stairlifts offers not only a manufacturer’s guaranteed coverage, but also a range of coverage options that maintain your stairlift’s quality to keep more money in your bank. We want you to stay safe and spend wisely so that you will never have to worry about the condition of your stairlift.

What is the Manufacturer’s Guaranteed Coverage?

stairlift technician servicing stairlift in homeWhen you purchase your stair lift from Acorn, you automatically receive the manufacturer’s guaranteed coverage that lasts for 12 months, starting on the day that your stairlift is installed. This means that you get one free service visit in which our expert technicians will evaluate all of the components of your stairlift to make sure it is functioning to its highest capacity. If there are any parts that need to be replaced or minor tweaks that need to be fixed, Acorn will take care of you. Make sure that you give us a call before your year is up and schedule your annual service visit. You can also request your service visit through your Acorn Club account. Take advantage of all of the benefits Acorn offers our customers.

What happens after my Year of Manufacturer's Guaranteed Coverage is Over?

After your year has come to an end, your stairlift is no longer covered, unless you choose to invest in Acorn’s annual inspection plan.

Our annual inspection plan provides full coverage of all of the stairlift services you could ever need for your annual visit.

Everything the annual inspection plan includes:

  • Address any issues or concerns
  • Check/test all mechanical limits/switches for proper specifications
  • Check, test and clean all internal components within the chassis
  • Clean and ensure gear rack is free of any/all debris, dust, etc.
  • Parts included

This means that you’ll never have to stress about stairlift servicing because you will have a stress-free plan that offers full coverage for your annual visit, in the event that something was to happen.

Stay Safe: Invest in Your Stairlift and Enroll in Your Coverage Plan Today

We all know that life can be unpredictable. Don’t wait until your independence and mobility are stalled again because you didn’t take the opportunity to invest in Acorn’s Annual Inspection plan. You deserve to be a priority, so give us a call today to learn more about preserving your mobility, as well as preserving the life-changing investment in your stairlift. Choose to stay safe and stress-free when you invest in our stairlift service plan.

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