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International Women’s Day: Celebrate the Strong, Independent Women in Your Life with a Stairlift

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From being able to legally vote and continuing to combat discrimination in the workplace, women have come a long way within the past century, making their voices heard and forging towards the future with independence, strength, compassion, and wisdom.

International Women’s Day on March 8 is all about appreciating and honouring all the women that have contributed to the progression towards gender equality from the past, present, and even the future, as we continue blazing a trail for the generations of women to come.

This International Women’s Day, Acorn Stairlifts celebrates all of the amazing women in the world that have made a difference, not just from their multiple contributions throughout the course of history, but through the ways in which they touch peoples’ personal lives on a daily basis as well.

Read on to learn about the history behind International Women’s Day and how you can join in on celebrating all of the wonderful women in your life and all over the world.

The History Behind International Women’s Day on March 8

women celebrating international women's day march 8Although the first official International Women’s Day was declared and recognised by the UN in 1975, the history behind International Women’s Day actually goes back much further.

In fact, it originated back in 1908 in New York City during a women’s rights march where 15,000 people advocated for better wages and voting rights. This led to the recognition of the first Women’s Day in the United States in 1909.

German advocate for women’s rights, Claire Zetkin, saw a global vision of what this day could be, suggesting that the commemorated event be taken to the 1910 International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen.

 Other countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany followed suit in celebrating this day in 1911 when they joined in on the occasion as well.

Now, every year on March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated on a global scale.

International Women’s Day 2022 Theme: How Can you Join in the Celebration?

The theme for International Women’s Day 2022 this year, decided by UN Women in December is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.” This theme encourages men and women all over the world to celebrate and participate in International Women’s Day activities and events that support gender equality with the movement of #BreaktheBias.

Some ways that you can participate in the IWD celebration this year include donating to a charity that invests in the funding of gender equality or supports a better world for women, showing the women in your life how much you support and appreciate them, and promoting gender equality and raising awareness by participating in #BreaktheBias.

Another way to celebrate the women in your life that you love and look up to would be an International Women’s Day gift of something that women have fought so hard to get and maintain for centuries: independence and the right to travel freely. You can give this to the women that struggle with mobility and crave independence in their lives with a stair lift.

Lift Up the Women in Your Life with a Stairlift

With the addition of an Acorn stairlift to your home, whether indoors or outdoors, you can lift up the women in your life. If you or a loved one are feeling like a prisoner in your own home, fighting for the right to freedom and mobility, it is time to consider investing in an Acorn stairlift chair for overcoming even the most oppressive stairs.

Acorn Stairlifts offers a variety of stairlift models that fit 99 percent of all staircases whether curvy or straight, wide or narrow, long or short, or indoors or outdoors. Acorn’s stairlift elevators don’t require any remodelling in your home because they are customised to fit your unique staircase, attaching directly to the stairs and never to the wall. This means that no drilling or plastering is necessary that would compromise the style or structure of your home.

Contact Acorn Stairlifts today to claim your free, no-obligation quote and home survey and learn more about Acorn’s awarding-winning products and competitive stairlift prices.

You can choose to give back to the women that have raised you and given so much to you over the years with a gift that transforms their quality of life and allows them to live their lives to the fullest.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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